Cataract surgery on both eyes

A new member checked into Formé Medical Center for his first physical exam with the physician. Upon check-in, it was observed that the man was having trouble seeing the paperwork. The physician was notified of this observation and an eye exam was immediately performed, which revealed that he was almost legally blind. As dishwasher in a local Mexican Restaurant and the sole provider for his family in Peru, he was sent to one of our Community Partners for further examination. At that time, our CEO, Maria Trusa was notified that the man needed immediate cataract surgery on both eyes. The cost of this surgery was over $8,000.

Understanding that this man could not afford the surgery, Maria Trusa personally called the Ophthalmologist, the surgical suite and the anesthesiologist and negotiated the rate down to $1,600. Since the man was only able to pay $1,000, which he had saved over the years, Maria raised the difference to cover the cost of the surgery… Which is how Promise to Aid came to be.

We are happy to announce that due to his new and improved eyesight, our patient has been promoted to short order cook at his employment and received an increase in pay.