12 days suffering with a broken finger

A young man broke his finger and went to a local hospital where he was x-rayed and released since he had no health insurance but was sent home with a $3,000 bill. He was directed to go the local Medicaid clinic in Port Chester for further evaluation and treatment. Upon arrival at the clinic, he was told that they could not help him since they did not have an orthopedic on staff and was sent away.

For 12 days he suffered with the broken finger, until he heard about Formé Medical Center and the work we do to help the uninsured community. The man was immediately seen by our primary care physician and upon examination, the CEO of Formé, Maria Trusa, was called and told that this man needed surgery. The excruciating pain and suffering he has endured for the past 12 days needed to end.

Maria called our Orthopedic Community Partner and sent the young man to their office to be seen. As expected, surgery was needed at a cost of $6,000. Maria negotiated the rate with the surgeon and the anesthesiologist and was able to get the surgical center to waive the facility fee. The total cost of the surgery was $1,000 which was affordable for the young man to pay on his own. The surgery was successfully completed 2 days later.